Fulfillment Service in La Mirada, CA

fanddIFS was founded by Andy Arvidson and Jim Heffernan in 1998 in a successful effort to establish a full service, international, turn-key fulfillment house of the highest quality and service capability. IFS is capable of all assembly, distribution, warehouse, call center, data entry/management, and inventory services. IFS has a total of well over 300 detail-oriented, proactive employees who are sensitive to our clients high sense of urgency.

Jim and Andy know the fulfillment business well from previous industry experiences on the fulfillment and client sides. Realizing they could elevate the level of service within the fulfillment industry, IFS was formed as a limited liability company. Their combined energies compliment each other and ensure IFS is successful. IFS differentiates itself from the competition through lower costs, faster customer service response, increased quality and accuracy, better reliability and a larger breadth of services.

Imagine Fulfillment Services aka IFS has a reliable shipping service and are experts in distribution service and EDI fulfillment. If you are looking for an exceptional assembly packaging or DRTV fulfillment company, contact Imagine Fulfillment Services aka IFS in La Mirada, CA today! Our fulfillment service cannot wait to assist you with your needs.